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At  the  time of setup  or at  the   beginning of each twelve monthly period, a fixed price will be determined for the financial period  and this will be billed on a monthly basis  at the beginning of each month..  Once your price for the year has been determined  it will not change

The cost of  Figured and XERO system components will be included with your fixed price and will ,therefore, not be an additional cost

Farm Enhancement Services

These services include detailed Plans for the following::

Long Term Strategic Farm Plan

Payment Plan for Farm Expansion or for Purchase of Farm Equipment

Farm Succession Plan

Farm Valuation Report

Benchmarked Farm Performance Review

Specific Purpose Farm Plan

Farm Debt Reduction Plan

The cost for any of these plans will be pre-determined,  based on your requirements,  Total cost for these Special Services  could be billed to you on a monthly basis. Typical monthly price range  is $220 - $550  per month over a twelve monthly period.