figured works hand in hand with xero helping you to make farming decisions with confidence.

Xeroprovided the accounting platform  for Real-time financial information, periodical  and End of Financial  Year  Tax and Financial reporting,  as well as Cash Flow Management Reporting.

Figured, working hand in hand with Xero, is a great way  to get all the crop and livestock information   you and your Farming Team need  to make immediate and future focussed farming decissions.

Farmers  Online have the capacity to provide and support  both of these great platforms for you.


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Xero and figured.

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About Us, 

Farmers Online is owned and operated by John Grosfeld. John, is a Certified Xero and Figured Adviser and has an extensive accounting background. After a lengthy period in corporate management, including agricultural, John operated his own accounting practice  in suburban Sydney for several decades, servicing small and  medium businesses, including agricultural entities.

John, is passionate about the success of the agricultural sector  and has now decided  to use his skills  and considerable experience, to work full time towards  the success of farmers and growers. He has  now  moved from Sydney to Mildura, where he started his Farmers Online Operation.

As the name already suggests,  Farmers Online  provides its services to farmers and growers  on an "online" basis.  John took on board the fact  that something had to be done about reducing the serious problem of lack of communication,  between  the farmer and professional advisor. Advancing technology  as well as the recent development of specialised farm management software, made overcoming this serious problem possible. By working on an online basis,  distances are now no longer a problem. Farmers and growers, now have the opportunity  of  having instant access  to the  information about the performance  of their farm, enabling them to make much better and more informed as well as more timely decisions, leading to better results  from their farm.

It has now become possible for the farmer/grower and your Xero/Figured Adviser, plus  your banker and  agricultural consultant  and any other invited  party,  all using the same Xero/Figured information, to work together as a Team for the benefit of the farm.

This is what some farmers have to say:

. farmer from  Tasmania;

"By using Figured and Xero, alongside our entire farming team, we can now accurately track production and cashflow, while also  focussing on growth, looking ahead and making timely and informed decisions  for a prosperous future"

.farmer from the East Coast:

"Farmers need to recognise that they've got a multi million dollar business and they need to be running it like one. Figured and Xero make it easy. It's helping to send the message that doing it properly is easier in the long run than doing it the old way"


"Now, with Figured, it has shifted our whole outlook on the business.  I am looking forward to using the reports to analyse and approve decisions we've never had time to do that before, we've been too busy getting the information"

.farmer from New Zealand:

"We no longer have any surprises and can spend our time thinking ahead and how to make more profit"


"Everyone can see the numbers change and we can keep our banker and ourselves fully informed  so we no longer have any surprises. We now spend less time explaining what has happened  and more time thinking ahead  about how to make more profit----------------and that's fun!"

.farmer Hawke's Bay NZ:

"Knowing in real time where our  financial and livestock numbers are is a great advantage. Now I can be out on the land  with confidence that the financial side of the business is under control"


"You need to know what you have on the farm at all times. Updating a spreadsheet is simply not efficient.  The fact that Figured has this built in means that you literally can't get it wrong -  that's a huge draw card"