Farmers Online will install and support a farm administration system that is tailored to your needs.. This will require an initial set -up  discussion, followed by the installation and training  of the required components that are best suited to your needs.

 Depending upon your wishes,  Farmers Online  could maintain the required information processing or you could either partly or fully  do the data processing yourself.

​A significant feature  of the farm administration system is the automatic interaction and information flow between Xero and Figured, enabling the highly efficient preparation of farm livestock reporting; cropping and production reporting; farm budgeting and cash flow management.

​To grow your farm profits in an environment of fluctuating prices ,variable seasonal conditions and rising costs, you will need good planning and immediate financial feedback.

 Figured provides a great way to get all the financial and production information you and your farming team need to make confident decisions to improve the performance of your farm.Farmers Online is there to help you run your farm with confidence and to assist you to get the most out of the Figuredand Xero combination and to be able to collaborate  with your entire Team without even having to leave your farm.




Farmers Online will provide all periodical statutory financial reports for all types of business structures  such as:                                        sole traders, partnerships;trusts; companies or superannuation funds.

Through the "online system"  all of these reports could be provided shortly after  closing each financial period, which is of great benefit to you and to  your bank and for taxation requirements.





Farmers Online caters for all farmers. Whether  they wish to process their own data  or whether they wish us to do it .

For those who wish  to partly or entirely process their information themselves, we can keep track of that information from the moment it is processed.This has been made possible because Xero and Figured operate online, so that all parties who have been given access  to the system  can all work "from the same page"  That enables us to check all transactions   immediately  rather then only  once a year. We can also immediately communicate with you  when we have any questions, when all these transactions are still fresh in your mind.

For those farmers who wish us to either partly or completely process their information, we could do that on a daily basis as soon as we receive, online, the information from your bank or financial institution. All information processed by us is also immediately available  to you  through the  "on the same page' system, whereby all authorised parties,  have the same information  available to them.

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The law requires all employers to keep adequate records of all employees entitlements.  Farmers Online, could take this burden off  your shoulders  thereby ensuring that all employee records are in order. This could be done whether you employ one  or more employees.

This service will be available to youat little or no extra cost and no extra software will be required as it is all part of the Xero Online System. This will be a significant cost saving for you. This system will give all authorised parties ongoing access to all records,. All Annual Employee Information Reports, for taxation purposes, will also be processed.

 Farmers Online will design and prepare all financial and taxation reporting systems which will be based on individual needs and requirements.  Reports could be provided practically  instantly  as all required informtion has already  been checked and adjusted where required. This is one of the major benefits of the "online system" which can correctly provide yesterday's reports today, as and when required.