Farmers Online will compare with budget,  on a monthly basis ,  your  actual financial income and expenses and profit  .  This will help you to see on a regular basis  if your farm needs to generate more profit, increase income or reduce expenses, in order to achieve  certain  goals.


The goals your farm needs to achieve can be determined by Medium to Long Term Planning  for your farm.  These plans can be for a period of 1-3 or more years and are very useful in establishing a Strategic  Farm Plan; Farm Succession Plan; Planning for certain Reserves; Farm Debt Repayment Plan; FutureRetirement or any other goal you wish to achieve.

There are many unforeseencircumstances  that can influence the operating results of your farm, which can make  your medium to long goals out of date. It is therefore important that these goals  be kept in tune with the actual performance of your farm.  This can be done with  Short TermForecasting.  

Your farm Management budgeting System  allows for regular updating  of your medium to long term goals as soon as these unforeseen circumstances occur.. Your ultimate goals will therefore always be up todate.

Farmers Online will advise, assist and support you throughout the entire Farm Management process. This service could be provided online as soon as needed  and through farm visits .  As the entire system operates online,  this service could be provided on an economical and timely basis.

Farmers Online will continuously watch the performance of your farm and bring to your notice any material and important trends or significant variations from budget.






Equally as important  as Performance  Budgets for  your farm, is your Cash Flow Management system.  It is essential for the efficient management of your farm to have at all times available to you  a clear picture of your actual cash flowcompared with budget  and subsequent forecasts.. This will  immediately tell you how much cash  you will have available  enabling informed decision making based on the actual situation of your farm.

The cash flow report  shows all money coming  in and going out of your farm  in real time. It monitors your position daily and demonstrates  your farm's liquidity. Keeping a close eye on your cash flow position will help you  to keep ontop of what you owe and what is owing to you. Looking closely at your cash flow report and comparing it to your budget will give you an insight into your financial position.



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This will provide you with a clear and up to date picture. of cropping, live stock , milk production, income and expenses and profit for each group. 

You will have production reportingat a glance such as:

Dollars per hectare, per kg of milk solids, per carcass weight.  This and more  has all been built into the Figured system and is available at a "click"

 Farmers Online will install and support a farm Administration system that is tailored to your needs. This will require an initial discussion followed by installation and training..

Depending upon  your wishes, Farmers Online could take care  of al or part of your processing needs.

A significant feature  of the system is the

automatic interaction between XERO and Figured, enabling highly efficient preparation of your farm data  for all your farm reporting.

To grow your farm profits in an ever changing environment, you will need immediate feedback as well as good long term planning., The immediate processing of your farm data makes this possible.

You and your farming Team will get all the the timely information they need  enabling you to take timely corrective action when  and  where required..

You will be able to get all the information you need, without even  having to leave your farm.

An importantpart of successful farm management is to spend more time looking forward. You, together withFarmers Online can spend time planning an looking forward rather than doing  only compliance or tax accounting.

Farmers Online will   be using last year's actual figures as the basis for the new year and then discuss with you how last year's figures are likely to change for the new year. Your actual monthly results will flow into your Figured Farm Budget system   from Xero  and these can than be compared  with budget. If required  the budget figures can then be replaced with new forecast figures.

By using this very important management tool, timely and informed corrective action can be taken in managing your farm.